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Real Estate Law

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Real Estate Law


The Law Offices of Sevak Bagumyan handles a wide variety of real estate matters representing buyers, sellers, property owners, lenders, and developers of all categories in commercial and residential property transactions.  Including office, retail, and industrial tenants and landlords.


Mr. Bagumyan holds a valid State of California Real Estate Broker License and is ready to handle a wide variety of real estate legal aspects that including:


Real estate purchase agreements, documentation for transactions, nondisclosure agreements, easements, boundary line disputes, title insurance, commercial lease disputes, residential transactions, construction contract and mechanical liens, landlord and/or tenant representation, rent control advice, acquisitions, and disposals.


Contact the Law Offices of Sevak Bagumyan to assist you with your unique needs.


Real Estate Law Matters Include:


  • Quiet Title Litigation
  • Landlord-Tenant issues
  • Real Property Transactions
  • Purchase/Sale Disputes
  • Pre-litigation Negotiations/Settlement Discussions
  • Agent/Broker Misrepresentations
  • Easement/Boundary Disputes
  • Adverse Possession
  • HOA Litigation
  • Construction Defects
  • Eminent Domain